Parks Paws was born in 2019 after I spent 10 years caring for cats and dogs in the veterinary setting. I am CPR, first aid and emergency trained; and I am comfortable and knowledgeable with the many personalities and behaviors our furry friends exhibit. Young or old, small or large, your cats and dogs will be in great hands!

I’m a wife of 11 years to my husband, Jake. Together we have a 7-year-old daughter, Aurora. In addition to being a full-time pet caretaker, I am also a full-time homeschool teacher to my daughter. One of the things that drove me to start Parks Paws was the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of pets with my daughter and teach her a strong, professional work ethic. She loves getting the chance to accompany me to visits and help me spoil the pets! 

Our family pets include Lucky, a cattle dog mix; Loretta, a pomeranian-chihuahua; three orange tabby cats: Holland, Jethro and Van; and a senior bearded dragon, Verna. When I’m not caring for pets or homeschooling, I can usually be found teaching myself or improving on a skill of some sort. I have many hobbies and interests that I play around with, including calligraphy and graphic/web design, but my passion for pet care trumps everything else.

Pets may be my passion, but I love people just as much! Having worked in the pet care field for so long, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I chose this job because I don’t like people.”, and that saying never made any sense to me! One of my favorite parts of working with pets over the years has been meeting fellow pet owners and pet professionals, and being part of a village in which we can all rally together for the wellness of our creatures. I always look forward to building strong relationships with everyone I work with, from coworkers to clients. I’m friendly, reliable, and excited to meet you and your pet soon!

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